Business Center
C/ Juan de Herrera nº5, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial (Alicante)
Tel: 966 651100
Business address 2018-05-23T10:33:59+00:00

Business address of companies and individuals

Basic bussiness address:

  • Tax, corporate and commercial business address
  • Two-hours (monthly) access to an office or meeting room

  • You can use our address in your letterhead and business cards, etc…

  • Mail and small parcel reception.

  • Immediate notification of urgent letters, certificates, official papers, etc.

  • You can use the centre fax number as your own.

  • We forward your faxes and emails to your desired address.

  • High standing free email in the shape of :

Bussiness address plus:

  • All of the above plus:

  • Four monthly conference room or office hours right.

  • Call forwarding to whatever phone number you choose.

  • You can have your own individual phone number at the centre that you can use in your letterhead.

  • Call management with instant or daily report of received calls.

  • Daily report of incoming mail faxes and e-mail.

  • Mail handling, we can open your mail and report its content via email sms or phone call as per your wishes. We file all your mail for you.

Domicile the correspondence of your business or your calls, with personalized response, giving a totally professional image, for a very competitive price.

Check our prices and services.


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